2.5 oz. Natural Complexion Mist in Aluminum Bottle

2.5 oz. Complexion Mist

2.5 oz. Facial Mist

Item #: Complexion-Mist-2

2.5 oz. Natural Unscented, Alcohol-Free Complexion Mist and Facial Spray. Perfect for Women's Events and Health and Personal Care Promotions! This Complexion Mist is very soothing, refreshing and hydrating. Complexion Mist is never tested on animals and is an all-natural and perfect for a pick-me-up at hot weather or Desert events. This fine Complexion Mist comes in a Brushed Aluminum Spray Bottle. Bottle: 1.375" Diameter x 5.5" High. Bath Promotions is your source for the finest premium personal care products. Made to order in the USA.

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Complexion-Mist-2 2.5 oz. Complexion Mist $5.65 $5.35 $5.10 $4.85 $4.60
Product Description
Cont. Vol.Cont. Dim.ImprintCase Pk.Case Wt.Unit Wt.
2.5 oz. 1.375" D x 5.5" H 4" x 3" 50 8 lbs. 2.5 oz.

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