Why Made in the USA?

Bath Promotions products are made in the USA. What does that mean exactly? When you order our products, we bring in the containers and raw materials (like soy wax or sea salt) from manufacturers here in the USA. Your containers are then imprinted here, and filled with the products that have been custom-manufactured for you at our downtown Los Angeles factory. Your finished products are then packed in American-made cartons made with recycled packing materials, and shipped to wherever you need them to go, scheduled with the shipper to arrive exactly on time. You will never find our products out of stock at the last minute, or in a shipping container awaiting a customs inspection, while your event is about to start.

Buying American-made products is good for everyone. Customers get guaranteed quality with reliable production and shipping time, while businesses, further down the supply-chain, continue to flourish. When you buy Bath Promotions, you are supporting US soybean farmers, American plastics and steel tin manufacturers, domestic sea salt and essential oil producers, and many other "Made in the USA" businesses.