Custom Flavors for Lip Balm & Lip Gloss

Blends and Custom Flavors Individual flavors can be blended upon request. Favorite blends include: Cherry-Vanilla, Honey-Peppermint and Strawberry-Cheesecake. Custom flavors are available - contact factory for details.

Bath Promotions lip balm & lip gloss can be manufactured in the following flavors:

Stock Lip Balm Flavors:

Banana - Ripe, rich tropical banana
Blueberry - A sweet, juicy blueberry flavor
Buttercream - Butter, sugar & vanilla flavor
Champagne - A golden, sweet champagne flavor
Cheesecake - Tastes like New York Cheesecake
Cherry - Strong, sweet black cherry taste
Chocolate - Succulent chocolate/cocoa flavor
Coconut - A pure, sweet coconut taste
Coconut-Lemongrass - Smooth finish of coconut blended with zesty lemongrass
Coffee - A rich coffee lover's flavor
Cucumber-Melon - Fresh from the garden, cucumber blended with juicy honeydew melon
Eucalyptus - Tastes like a mild eucalyptus with a hint of menthol
Ginger - Warm & spicy ginger flavor
Grape - Rich Concord grape flavor
Grapefruit - Tastes like sweet, juicy grapefruit
Honey - The flavor of real clover honey
Lavender - A true French lavender
Lemon - Luscious, sweet juicy lemon flavor
Licorice - Flavor of sweet black herbal licorice
Lime - Tart and tangy taste of fresh lime
Mango - Fresh and fruity tropical mango
Melon - Perfect blend of ripe, juicy melons
Orange - Tastes like sweet, juicy orange slices
Peach - A sweet, juicy, ripe peach flavor
Peppermint - Delicious fresh minty taste
Raspberry - Rich tartness of fresh raspberries
Rootbeer - Tastes just like root beer soda
Strawberry - A divine sweet strawberry flavor
Vanilla - Deliciously sweet & sugary vanilla

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