Fragrance Menu

Our fragrance oils are organized into several different collections.  Additional charges/higher minimums may apply for certain fragrances from our Essential Oils and Famous Inspirations collections - contact factory for details.

Bakery Collection - Warm, Rich, Sweet & Tart Fragrances

Buttermilk Pancake - Fluffy pancakes, covered in butter and maple syrup
Caramel - Buttery, rich, creamy caramel
Chocolate Chip Cookie - A real cookie - chocolate, brown sugar & pecan scent
Cinnamon Bun - Warm cinnamon & vanilla icing scent
French Vanilla - Rich, sweet & creamy French vanilla
Gingerbread - Sweet & fragrant gingerbread... Spiced just right
Hot Apple Pie - Delicious warm apples, spices & crust

Beverage & Cocktail Collection - Promotions Shaken, Not Stirred

Bourbon - Rich, mellow bourbon whiskey
Champagne - Delicate, fruity champagne
Hot Cocoa - Rich & creamy chocolate, cocoa scent
Margarita - Tangy blend of Lime & Tequila
Pina Colada - Blend of Pineapple, Rum & Coconut
Rum - Rum with notes of Coconut & Vanilla
Wine & Roses - Rose notes with subtle white wine notes

Essential Oils - Natural, Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy

Citrus - Energizing blend of Orange, Lemon and Lime
Eucalyptus - Legendary for its healing effect on the body
Lavender - Sweet, Therapeutic and calming
Mint - Refreshing and cooling Spearmint and Peppermint
Pine - A balancing blend of Fir Needle and Fresh Pine
Rosemary Lavender - Therapeutic and calming Rosemary and Lavender

Famous Inspirations - Fragrances similar to brands you love

Chanel No. 5 (Type) - Classic, powdery floral
Diptyque Baies(Type) - Rose bouquet, with blackcurrant leaves
Diptyque Feu De Bois (Type) - Winter forest, smokey campfire
Jo Malone Orange Blossom (Type) - Orange blossom and water lily
Juicy Couture Malibu (Type) - Sweet pink sugar and citrus notes
LeLabo Santal 26 (Type) - Leather, with smoky tobacco
LeLabo Santal 33 (Type)  - Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, cardamom, iris, violet and leather
LeLabo Vanille 44 (Type) - Vanilla, with mandarin orange & incense notes

Floral Collection - Floral Fantasies of Fabulous Flower Bouquets

Cherry Blossom - Sweet, fruity, flowery notes
Fresh Cut Grass - Fresh cut green grass, mossy fragrance
Gardenia - Rich essence of the gardenia flower
Honeysuckle - A sweet-smelling summer floral
Jasmine - Intoxicatingly romantic floral
Lavender - Classic French Lavender scent
Lilac - The scent of fresh blooming lilac
Magnolia - Intoxicating, sweet magnolia scent
Peony - Sensual, romantic, wild flower scent
Plumeria - Perfumey, strong Hawaiian floral scent
Rose - A freshly-bloomed fragrant rose
Violet - A sweet, single-note violet
Wine & Roses - Rose notes with subtle white wine notes

Fruit Collection - Sweet & Juicy Scents

Apple - A bite of fresh, sweet apple
Banana - Ripe, rich tropical banana
Fig - Mediterranean full-bodied ripe fig
Grapefruit - Juicy, bittersweet and refreshing grapefruit
Mango - Fresh and fruity tropical mango
Peach - Smells like a ripe, juicy peach
Pomegranate - Rich pomegranate with a floral note
Red Currant - Strong and fruity with a tangy bite

Holiday Collection - When it's 'Tis the Season

Apple Pie - Delicious warm apples, spices and crust
 - Favorite fresh wintery, holiday fragrance
Candy Cane - Classic peppermint with a sweet twist
Christmas Pine - Fresh & spicey Christmas Balsam Pine
Egg Nog - Rich holiday eggnog with a touch of spiced rum
Gingerbread - Sweet & fragrant gingerbread... Spiced just right
Pumpkin Spice - A rich pumpkin pie with just a touch of spice 
Spiced Cranberry - Crisp, tart cranberry with a spicey note
Sugar Plum - Very sweet, and pleasant Christmas plum scent

Men's Collection - Earthy & Masculine Scents

Bay Rum - A sharp, earthy, spicy classic
- The fresh scent of a cut cedar tree
Clean Cotton - A crisp, freshly-washed boyfriend's t-shirt
Fresh Brewed Coffee - Fresh &  rich coffee-lover's fragrance
Leather - Smells like new leather
Oak Moss - A forest scent -- deep & earthy with floral undertones
Sandalwood - Rich, warm & woody scent 
Tobacco - Smooth, rich blend of tobacco with a hint of cherry

Tropical Collection - Vacation Paradise Scents

Banana - Ripe, rich tropical banana
- A pure, sweet coconut fragrance
Gardenia - Rich essence of the gardenia flower
Mango - Fresh and fruity tropical mango
Passionfruit - Exotic, sweet scent of passion fruit
Pineapple - Tropical, sweet, juicy pineapple
Plumeria - Super sweet exotic flower

Zen Spa Collection - Soothing Scents

Bamboo - Bamboo, green tea & a floral note
- Orange Citrus, with a sharp, powdery note
- Scent of freshly sliced cucumber
Eucalyptus - Legendary for its healing effect on the body
Ginger - Sweet ginger with notes of citrus
Green Tea - A fresh, green, herbal scent -- like real green tea
Jasmine - Intoxicatingly romantic floral
Lemon Grass - A strong herbal lemon scent
Lemon Verbena - Fruity lemon with note of honey
Patchouli - Earthy & woodsy fragrance
Rain - Fresh, green floral fragrance
Sage - Fresh, spicy with a note of camphor 
Sandalwood - Rich, warm & woody scent
White Tea & Ginger - Soft tea with citrus, jasmine and ginger notes