Fragrance & Flavors for your products

Our promotional products can be manufactured in over 100 custom fragrances and flavors!

Products are all priced with Fragrances from our Standard Scents collection. Products can be manufactured unscented or with a Natural Essential Oil scent from our Aromatherapy Collection. Please contact the factory for a details regarding Natural Essential oils pricing. For our Lip Care products, we have over 30 lip smackin' flavors!

Standard Scents

The majority of our 100+ fragrances menu are the standard scents which are fragrances like Strawberry and Blueberry, but also include popular scents like Bamboo, Pomegranate, Chocolate and Green Tea.

Natural Essential Oil Fragrances

Bath Promotions is known for our Therapeutic-Grade Natural Essential Oil fragrances. When a customer is insisting upon a "All-Natural" option we have the finest essential oils available within our Aromatherapy Collection.

Lipcare Flavors

With over 30 lip care flavors for our lip balms and l;ip gloss, uyou are sure to find one that fits your promotion.